Exit Humanity


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Black cloud of crows gather in the sky. Feasted by some rotten flesh death is reigning high. ‘Calyptic holocaust finally reigns all class. When you see another your brain is just a mess. There was duly warning, affliction took its time, but nobody was watching, engaged in there own crime. Rotten bones just flesh, no soul, stumbling, creeping, hungry, eating. No black magic, no affliction, just what man deserved: prediction! If you fight alone no chance! Just strengthen 'em more or hang yourself! Endless war brought you to point: man against man! EXIT HUMANITY It stays man against man when everything is decomposed. The undead are prevailing, charity is hard abused. Dead armies are marching, every tank is rolling, but in wrong direction, the abyss is approaching. You did not help each other, you kill what you should save mankind is mankinds bane you’re digging your own grave! The sun will never rise again left is appetite for brain zombies reign!
Ted, what have you done? Imposed as a cop. She trusted you into the forest. Pushed, ripped off her cloth, sliced up her throat, punted her head into pieces! This are the kicks you search for. Total control, getting more and more. Blinded by lust everybody must soon be like you, rotten to the core. When the case is cold you will be so bold. Come back to the scene. Fuel another dream. Nothing can be sold, no story be told, that is great as the feeling when you are wanking on a scene of crime. Going for a comeback! Wanking on a scene of crime. Cumming where you lay dead! Eating dick in fear for your life. He ate your heart for that . Cum on her tits, her throat on your knife. You feel your not really bad She’s not first and won’t be last, sensation sweet in your head. Dripping blood, gargling will pass, her body stone cold dead. Start segmenting one part per time, to be hidden smart. Soon shes gone none give a dime for some creep your not lead. Looking back, remember her well, not only bloody in past. Are that sirens you hear dwell? This was your heaven, this was her hell! Now you are wanking on a scene of crime Fuck the USA!
Get ready on the mountain! Soon you bring the mass destruction. You will let them fly for heaven, to bring hell down on earth. You are save in your bunker while fire is raining down. Give steel the wings of eagles and the power of the stars. Set a bloody sacrifice to your mortal devil-god and let the earth drink the blood of a hundred human souls. The fire of hades is now the light of the earth. Some would pay to let them see, you let them pay for what you'll be! This killing machine you warted so clean, in all those peaceful hours. Now their spitting out the evil, erasing all the cowards. No fortress there that man could build to hold the fire back. It cleans the earth, conquers the sky and brings death your daily check. Let the steel strike rise! Clean all the land! Let the fire burn! On earth as it is in hell! Killing! Bombing! Fire! Smashing! Brutal crashing! For Satan is laughing! ARTILLERY DEATH
Spit in your soul before you learned to walk. Floated your whole body, never understand the talk! SLEEPING TOXIC, enters your mind. SLEEPING TOXIC, in your heart you can find. SLEEPING TOXIC, your live your blind! SLEEPING TOXIC, poison of the evil kind. Spit in your soul before you learned to walk. Floated your whole body, never understand the talk out of black boxes, of from warning signs. The sickest illness you find between the line. Slowly dies your body, your soul is set on/off. Black hole 'stead nirvana, it's your last resort!
This is not a love song to the sweetest redhead ever known. You love to like her flower and the rest of her pretend you know! I met her in the park, in private and with friends. All of her is so pure, she loves me back I’m sure! Twelve steps are no solution! One girl my air pollution! Miss Jane I take your hand. This flower so pure. Twelve steps to be enlightened! One girl, don’t be frightened! Miss Jane I take your hand. To hell with Mary Jane! Hey, dear friend come over! We’ve got the solution to your problem. You don’t have to go sober. We’ve got the way, come be bolder! Mary will help you too, take the world far away. Her love is the universe. Her breath will take every curse.
Madness 04:39
Watching his world from a dark and lonely place. He is not forgotten, not fallen from grace. In his dreams and fears agoning every time, giving up his comfort life for rosemary and thyme. Got a crush on the wrong one. See the world as it is. Wants to use revenge and fire. Wants to use his fists! Long hair, nice face, small tits. Rolling stone or bitch? He sets for her his world on fire. She did not ask for desire. Paradise away from heaven, second serpent in my head. It’s going round and round, driving me total mad. You’re an angel and a devil, second serpents are we both. Our future our destruction, second serpent! Supa scoopa mighty scoop! Friend zone, no zone, fuck her hard. On vacation from burning the world. Intellectual conversation, right from the start. Gonna take some time to get and realize: if something lives, than sure, something dies. Who says love denies should tell no lies. He sets for her his world on fire. she did not ask for desire.
Watch out! Watcher on the wall, can you sea the winter on the rise? Foretold a long time ago, we did not listen, to our demise. Freezing cold in the air, what is waiting there in the snow? Walking frost and giant bane, flesh of ice don’t let you go. Valyrian steel, forged in dragon breath, dishonored by a bear, the wall will be its death. Reborn in fire, now hear the wolf roar, waiting for the winter fletching its claw. BASTARD! All your lifetimes winter were a little cooling at most. Merely waiting for snowflakes. You did never believe in ghosts The winter of stories, the season of tales, is here with warg and walking flesh. All reason for fear, what can you bear? Try to keep warm. Don’t lose your breath! Heroes are cast and fools to the forge. Corpses are better put to the torch. Don’t shout for help! Don’t cry for vained! The new gods are blind, the old ones have grayed. Fish, stag and lion are put aside to rot, while other drake and children fight with all they’ve got. Wolf, bear and free folk here to pay the bill. How to you fight the thing, that you cant even kill?
War Machine 04:27
Metal is rolling through desert and night. Soldiers are pressing. Foreign state shows might. Steel from far away, give death toll today. You suffer all the same, no matter to which god you pray. Pretend to protect what others reject. Damn! Stop that lying! It keeps your effect. Civilist and terrorist, high from the sky they look the same. Hedonist and atheist, don’t need no god to hide your shame. WAR MACHINE war of machine Weapons so advanced, they can see what brand you smoke. Still hit playing kids, hospitals to ash and coke. Wrong side of the fence, don’t you move when they provoke. Human rights free zone, genocide goes stroke on stroke. Murderer in oversea weapon in the sky. Blue above, cross on you explosion shaming high. The union is failing, oil war and police state, killing pimps employment rate. All left: school of hate!
Ich nähere mich der unbekannten Stellung. Leise mach ich mich von hinten ran. Hier wird heute nacht noch alles brennen. Gleich tue ich , was ich wirklich kann. “Ein Held”, soll unter meinem Andenken stehn, “mit einem Schuß, den Lauf der Welt geändert”. Hier wird gleich alles explodier'n. Ich zieh den Stift und schreie. FIRE IN THE HOLE Adrenalin! Ich sprühe vor Lust. Ich rieche Schmutz und Dreck. Ich werde dich zu Boden drücken, zustoßen und triumphier'n. Hier wird es noch lange brennen. Irre, was alles möglich ist. Meine Lungen schmerzen, ich mach weiter. Für mich ist Schutz, was für andre Trennung ist. Im Krieg wie in der liebe, alles erlaubt und nichts! Kaputte Luft und lautes stöhnen, ich krieg das Grinsen nicht aus meinem Gesicht.
Bier & Korn 03:19
I want a metal thrashing moshpit here! Lets drink some korn and beer! I want to start a fucking fight! I know I'm always right! Make a night that never ends, hedge or jail in devils hands. Beer and korn and loud metal, stay out of your kennel! Raise your fingers in the air. Act! And never care. Getting drunk, your only mission, and maybe head concussion. Werde einfach rotzevoll, finde das auch noch toll, Bier und Korn bring’ dich nach vorn! Samstagabend randaliern! Uns kann heut nichts passiern! Richtig hacke, volles Horn, heut nacht gibts BIER UND KORN! Ob ich in meiner Pisse sterb oder dir die Nacht verderb, richtig hacke, volles Horn, BIER UND KORN! Dazwischen Döner, Gras und Wein, lass das Gejammer sein, richtig hacke, volles Horn, heut' Nacht gibts BIER UND KORN! Und wenn ich nach Hause wank weiss ich genau: zu Hause wartet auch schon meine Frau. Freu mich auf Titten und ein warmes Bett, doch meine Frau schaut gar nicht so nett. Sie hebt die hand und holt weit aus... Und wen ich wieder aufwach bin ich immer noch in der Kneipe und bestell mir auf den Schreck erstmal ein Bier und ein Korn.


The thrash metal underground institution REAVERS from Hamburg presents their debut album. Including songs to bang, thrash, drink, smoke and have sex to with lyrical topics ranging from the political to comic book characters.


released July 6, 2019

all music was written and performed by Reavers


all rights reserved



REAVERS Hamburg, Germany

Reavers are a Thrash Metal Band from Hamburg, Germany, formed in 2011 by some young people sharing one passion: Thrash Metal! Reavers are heavily influenced by Bands like Kreator, Sodom, Slayer and lots of beer. The band currently consists of Mike (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Klitz (Bass/Vocals), Kati (Guitar) and Jannis (Drums). Reavers present their debut album EXIT HUMANITY in 2019. ... more

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